March 7, 2015

At CJ Psychology, we have the friendly knowledge and expertise to help our clients recognise and overcome any issues holding them back. Life can throw you a curve ball at times, and our dedicated team are the psychologists Geelong trusts to get them back to their best.

Our team of specialist psychologists in Geelong have a wealth of experience, no matter your needs. We’ll help you develop a plan and open a dialogue with the loved ones in your life to help you address the issue and take the steps needed to get you back on track. We pride ourselves on a personal, relaxed approach – we know it can be a daunting thought to visit a psychologist, and we’ll do everything in our power to put our clients at ease. The more easy and open to communication they feel, the better we’re able to help them achieve their goals.

We’ve built a reputation as the reliable and compassionate psychologists for Geelong. Whether you come to us as your first step in addressing an issue, or are referred to us from one of the many medical practices we partner with, we’re always happy to help.

No matter if you want to overcome an alcohol or drug dependency, or are experiencing bullying in the workplace, please contact our psychologists in Geelong for a consultation.