July 1, 2015

Everyone will experience grief at some point in their life. Whether it’s the loss of a beloved parent or a childhood pet, everyone deals with their grief in a different way. The team at CJ Psychology are experienced in providing compassionate grief counselling in Geelong.

The grieving process is different for each person. Grief can affect people for days, months or years. It can overwhelm and consume, or bubble under the surface. Through all our years of grief counselling, we understand there is no one way to experience grief, and the ways to identify, accept and overcome grief can vary greatly from person to person.

We approach our grief counselling sessions to suit each individual. We will be there to listen and absorb the feelings buffering you, and offer comfort and solace. We will also teach you the coping mechanisms you can use to self-manage your grief and recovery. It’s important in times of grief to surround yourself with a loving network of people to combat the feelings of loneliness and isolation that often accompany grief.

Grieving is a normal, natural process, and not everyone will need counselling. However, if you find it compromising your ability to live a normal life and function day-to-day, our grief counselling in Geelong will help you process your feelings, accept them, and find the enjoyment in your life again.

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