At CJ Psychology Geelong, our anger management counselling will help you understand the causes of your anger and work out ways to manage and minimise its impact. Our anger management counselling looks at each person individually, and aims to address a person’s own feelings and behaviours as it relates to their anger issues. We consider your own triggers and draw attention to what is contributing to your anger management issues, with a goal of helping you take back control.

Anger is a normal way for people to express how they feel in certain situations. It is an appropriate and often necessary response when a person feels threatened. However, when anger management gets beyond a person’s control and their emotional and behavioural response starts taking over their life and affecting their relationships, intervention can be necessary.

As anger management issues are often associated with other emotional responses, our psychologists and social workers can offer a range of other counselling services that might be beneficial. We also offer counselling in anxiety and depression and stress management.

Contact CJ Psychology to chat about our anger management counselling and ways we can help you take back control of your life.