For anxiety and depression counselling, contact CJ Psychology in Geelong and arrange an appointment with one of our experienced psychologists and counsellors.

What is anxiety?

Sometimes anxiety is normal and helps us perform at our best or avoid a harmful situation. But when these feelings become intense and overwhelming they can interfere with our life. If you believe you are suffering anxiety you might have feelings of worry most of the time and might even feel panicked or frightened. You might also experience physical symptoms when anxious, such as stomach cramps, racing heart, shaky hands and nausea. If this sounds like you, you might benefit from seeking anxiety help from the experienced psychologists and social workers at CJ Psychology & Associates.

What is depression?

Everyone experiences different difficult emotions, like sadness, anger and unhappiness. It’s when these emotions become long-lasting and start to affect someone’s ability to live their life that depression is considered. Feelings you might experience include guilt, frustration, anxiety, worthlessness, hopelessness and disappointment. This can lead to loss of enjoyment in the social activities you enjoy, inability to function at work or school, lost appetite and regular tiredness. Depression treatment can start with managing stresses in your life, having support from family and friends and keeping physically active. Depression help is available in Geelong in a variety of forms from our offices.

Also, as anxiety and depression are often associated with other emotional responses, our psychologists and counsellors can offer a range of other counselling services that might be beneficial. We also offer counselling in anger managementstress management and individual counselling for people with interpersonal and self-esteem issues.