Drug and alcohol counselling with CJ Psychology, is a confidential service that can help turn your life around if you have an addiction problem. Talking with one of our psychologists and opening up in their addiction counselling session can be a life-changing first step to reclaiming power back your life.

Drug counselling is available for those who have a dependence or issue associated with recreational or medicinal drug use. CJ Psychology can work with you to identify the root of your issue and help develop a step-by-step approach to a long-term solution.

If you think you have an alcohol dependency problem and are letting alcohol control your life, the team at CJ Psychology has plenty of experience in alcohol counselling to get your life back on track. Our professional psychologists will tailor their alcohol counselling session specifically to your needs by finding out what drives you as a person and what will move you from the position you’re in. As with any of our addiction counselling sessions, the aim is to help you find the person you want to be for you, your family or your partner.

We can also work with you on other addictions such as gambling and sex addiction. Assistance is also available for those affected by someone close who has an addiction.

Contact CJ Psychology to find out more about our drug and alcohol counselling sessions, or take a look at our other counselling services that might be beneficial. Our psychologists can also help in areas such as anxiety and depression.