CJ Psychology offers a Family Dispute Resolution service to help separating families communicate with each other in an attempt to find out what’s important for the children and solve disputes. CJ Psychology has highly skilled Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners registered to provide 60I Certificates.

Your Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner can take you through a range of matters relating to disputes between families, working on parenting arrangements such as the time children spend with each parent, exploring  shared values around parenting strategies and ensuring ongoing relationships with extended family and others important to the children . During the family mediation session, the practitioner will attempt to bridge communication gaps between disputing parties in an effort to bring them back together. The FDRP is an independent party to the discussions and can provide expert advice around the impact of separation on children.  The FDRP does not provide legal advice but can provide general information on this topic.

The family dispute resolution process can involve:

  • working out parenting issues that need to be resolved
  • each party having a say without interruption
  • exploring ideas and options
  • looking at possible solutions and putting decisions in writing.

Family Dispute Resolution is compulsory for people wanting to go to court to resolve parenting disputes so couples can be seen to be making a genuine effort to work things out. Exceptions do apply in some cases though, as in family violence cases.

Geelong families going through a dispute should see the professional team at CJ Psychology, so contact us today to discuss how our Family Dispute Resolution sessions can help you.

Also, our psychologists and counsellors can also offer a range of other counselling services in Geelong you might want to look into, including couples counsellingindividual counselling for relationships, interpersonal and self-esteem issues, and general family counselling sessions for other family issues.