Grief is a normal emotional process that most people will have to deal with at some point in their lives. The team at CJ Psychology are a most trusted source of grief counselling, with many years’ experience helping people navigate through their grieving process. There is no standard way for people to deal with grief and the psychologists here at CJ Psychology understand this, tailoring individual bereavement counselling sessions for each client.

Our grief counselling and grief therapy sessions are a means to a person getting the help they need, but there are also strategies one can use to help manage their own grief. The feelings of isolation, loneliness and depression that a person experiences with loss can be improved by surrounding yourself with an emotional support network of family or friends. Seeking bereavement counselling with a psychologist or counsellor at CJ Psychology is another way of dealing with the pain of your loss and talking through your grief with one of our experienced team will help.

So when is the right time to seek grief counselling? When your feelings of grief are lasting and impeding your ability to function day to day. Feelings like anger, depression or loss of companionship, which linger and become a stumbling block to you moving forward in your life. When this happens it can be beneficial to seek bereavement counselling, and there’s no better team to turn to than CJ Psychology.

Contact CJ Psychology to find out more about our grief counselling sessions, or take a look at our other counselling services that we offer, including drug and alcohol counselling, anxiety and depression and stress management.