The individual counselling sessions offered by CJ Psychology provide people with support for a range of issues in their lives. It might be problems with maintaining relationships, interpersonal skills and low self-esteem that a person might seek individual counselling.

Our psychologists and counsellors have experience with a wide range of clients, each with different personalities and issues that hold them back from experiencing a healthy, happy life. This experience makes the CJ Psychology team a leader in providing individual counselling support for those in the Geelong area.

People needing individual counselling often have a complex set of interrelated issues that lead to their low self-esteem and insecurities, which in turn impacts on their ability to communicate with people on a normal level and have healthy relationships. If this resonates with you or someone you know and you believe that intervention is needed, then make an appointment with CJ Psychology.

Our team also specialises in a range of other counselling services you might consider beneficial, including stress management and workplace issues, to name a few.