The psychologists at CJ Psychology can help when it comes to managing stress.

Coping with stress is a challenge for many people and for some this challenge can become overbearing and lead to a struggle just dealing with life. Left unresolved, this can be a cause of great anxiety for a person, which can further compound the problem.

The stress you experience might be work related  or tied up in your relationships  or triggered by the tasks of daily living, like paying bills, keeping the house tidy or managing your health – there are no rules on stress management and what a person perceives as stressful in life. CJ Psychology has treated clients dealing with all kinds of stress and can help develop stress management strategies no matter what it is in your life you find stressful.

If you need help coping with stress, contact CJ Psychology and arrange an appointment with one of our experienced psychologists and counsellors, who will be able to give you stress management strategies to take back control over your emotions.