Traumatic experiences shake a person’s foundations and can have long-lasting impacts on a person’s mental health and well-being, self-worth, security, happiness and a whole range of other emotions. The trauma counselling sessions with CJ Psychology seek to find the root cause of these emotions, discuss them openly and honestly as they relate to each person’s emotional insecurities, and develop coping strategies to help a person reconnect with life.

A trauma counselling session with CJ Psychology will first focus on building the trust and confidence in your practitioner so you can be totally honest with your feelings. In trauma counselling, an important but often challenging task is re-telling the story of events that contributed to your emotional issues. However, our experienced team are extremely sensitive to this process and will help navigate you through the process at your own pace.

Often emotional disturbances are tied to a traumatic experience during childhood, which a person might have tried to suppress and been unaware of the significance of that event in their lives. The practitioners at CJ Psychology are well trained to deal with any suppressed traumatic experience, including sexual abuse cases.

Our practitioners are experienced in sexual abuse counselling and can help you on a journey to finding peace from pain you have endured. It’s important people do what’s right for them as victims of sexual assault and seeking a psychologist specialising in sexual abuse counselling is the right step. Victims never forget the assault but through sexual abuse counselling they can recover to a point that their life is no longer controlled by that event.

Contact CJ Psychology to book an appointment for a trauma counselling or sexual abuse counselling session. Also, browse our website and take a look at other counselling services we offer that might help you, including anxiety and depression sessionsindividual counselling for people who have self-esteem issues and problems forming relationships, and stress management sessions.