If you think work-related stress is affecting your life, including work productivity, relationships or family, contact us at CJ Psychology  to arrange an appointment.

Workplace stress can place a great burden on someone’s life, especially given the number of hours many Australian workers spend at their jobs each week. While a certain amount of work-related stress is normal, too much can affect a person’s emotional state and physical health, not to mention decrease workplace productivity. The team at CJ Psychology can help you work out what’s going on and develop strategies to help you deal appropriately with any issues that may be identified.

Business owners or people who manage staff should be vigilant about their employees’ workplace stress levels and mental states. If you notice work-related stress becoming too much for any staff, it can be worth considering the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which provides counselling support for employees and their families, if required. The team at CJ Psychology offers EAP counselling to people who suffer from workplace stress and other work-related issues such as bullying, unrealistic workloads, jobs that require long and/or frequent absences from home and difficulty meeting timelines. So when looking for an EAP counsellor, our trusted team of psychologists are the ones to turn to.

We also offer a range of other counselling services you might want to consider, including general stress management strategies.